Air. Gravity. Germs. Wind.
These are some examples our children gave in our J.A.M. session of things we cannot see but we know are there. Just as our children go to school and learn about these invisible things and never question whether they are real, they listen to our teachings and never doubt that God is real. As we become adults and experience life in the secular world, our beliefs are questioned or doubted – either by other people or ourselves. But like the wind, we can feel God when we gather to worship or when we are in deep despair and he gives us peace. And like the air on a foggy morning, we can see God’s work when prayers are answered or we witness everyday miracles. Like gravity, our Faith keeps us grounded and holds us firm to the Rock of our foundation. And as for germs, I can’t think of a good analogy there but it sure was a fabulous answer from Andrea! My prayer is for us all to maintain conviction like the children. In fact when I asked for an example of something we cannot see but we know is there because we feel it, they first said, “the Holy Spirit.” May we all have unwavering belief and faith in the Father.


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