So . . . what do Mr. Potato Head & Harmony Pres have in common? Guess you had to be there for Pastor Gus’ sermon to fully grasp, but suffice it to say that without all of our collective, individual and sometimes-very-different parts, ours would be a bland world, indeed. A potato with no eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc.

Moving on: what an honorable day in the life our church. Today we installed 2 new elders to the Session and 2 new deacons to provide care for our members.
MUCH THANKS to Art, Marta, Byron and Major for accepting those positions and EQUAL THANKS to those who provided for the tasty soup to make it all fun and celebratory.

Here’s to getting in touch with your inner potato!

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  1. Anonymous

    Wished I could’ve been there.


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