Generic Prayer needs that seem to always be there, a list of categories or topics to help You fill-in with Your prayers

Pray For: Family, Relationship, Friends, Children, Parents, Divorce, Births, Deaths, finances

Pray For: Illness, healing, broken bones, broken spirits, emotional problems, depression, Rage, addictions, surgery’s, cancer, suicidal thoughts, unknown emerging issues

Pray For: The Un-Employed & Under-Employed, work place harassment, promotion, challenges, opportunities, entrepreneurs, retirement, service, & businesses that they use Christ-like methods in all their actions,

Pray For: workers that they are safe in the work place and especially for American workers that they can stay employed and produce good products; for the unemployed that their spirits are lifted up and they keep trying to find that job – open opportunities for all who want to work

Pray For: Bills, stewardship, getting out of debt, paying off loans, homes to live in, cars that work, for Banks and financial institutions, the Government’s debt load, (& Harmony’s debt load)

Pray For: the world – for Racism & Slavery that is bigger than ever, the poor, medical needs, economic needs, development needs, moral and social needs,

Pray For: people and nations on every continent and island area, for floods, earthquakes, typhoons & hurricanes, tornados, fires, avalanches & blizzards

Pray For: The environment, prayer for all the critters that have no voice, from the seemingly least to the biggest, prayers for their environment, prayers to stop the poachers, for those who pollute, for the clean-up of polluted areas,  for wisdom & good intentions in Governments, environmental groups, citizens as well as industry & business. For all the animals that seek out the stewards of the creation when they are in need, that we will respond with Christ-like care.

Pray For: Harmony & all churches, faithfulness, trust in God, belief in the word of God, for those who are not saved, for those who sit in church and don’t yet know God, for unity in the Body of Christ.  For other religions, especially those who consider us their enemy, prayer for peace, and God’s Spirit to work

Pray For: Christians in the Islamic regions where persecution and martyrdom is becoming normal for them – especially for Coptic Christians in Egypt

Pray For: Peace, for our enemies, for our Military, for Military families, for terrorist groups, for all who use violence and evil means to take away freedom and liberty, for all who have been wounded and who’s lives will never be the same.  Special prayers for Iran & Syria, and their supprort nations of Russia and North

Pray For: our Government, at all levels, that they look to God for leadership and vision, and have the courage to follow.  That Government lets God be God and they do the work they are called to do by God.

Pray For: The Great program that aims to put God back in the center of individual, family, and American lives and restore economic health to individuals, families, churches and the nation.

Pray For: our courts that they seek truth and practice justice in all their actions, always eschewing politics.

Pray For: our fellow citizens that they become active and involved in the political process and vote, that we exercise our Constitutional rights

Pray For: all the governments of the world, for an end to racism, despots & tyrants, rule by pitting groups against groups, class against class.  An end of genocides, oppressions of minorities, withholding education or food or medicine from anyone.

Pray For: Immigrants from lands with failed economies or governments, for patience and loving action by states and federal government, for safety for all people, for those who are refugees and those who have no home, for our debate about those here illegally.  For the Drug Trade that undermines government, law and destroys families and individuals lives, and end to addictions, and end to the corrupting effect of the drug trade, and end to the illegal use of people to be drug mules.

Pray For: all the drug children born into sick and deadly families, we pray You transform us

Pray For: all who do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior, that they will her the good news and respond in faith.

Pray For: all creatures, great and small, protect them and empower us as stewards of the creation.


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